How To Download DJ Ringtones For Android

Ringtones are the need of the time as no one can listen to the same default ringtones for a lifetime. That is why downloading a DJ ringtone can be exotic and setting it up on your phone is the thing you should opt for.

Once you have the ringtone you can use it as your new ringtone or as the notification note, if you have it a bit shorter. Well, whatever your choice is, let’s see how you can download the DJ ringtone for your Android phone.

Ringtones For Android

Downloading A DJ Ringtone For Your Phone Using Windows

You can either use a windows device for the task or your phone whatever you have at the moment.

  • While using a windows device, visit the website from where you can download the DJ ringtones. Just Google the term “DJ ringtones” if you don’t know any websites already. This would display you the results that you can visit one by one and based on the website’s ranking or the reliability factor, you can proceed with downloading the file.
  • Most websites offer the listening feature that you can hit that Play button and listen to the DJ ringtone before downloading it.
  • Once you have downloaded the right DJ tune, the file would be saved in your PC or the windows device.
  • Now, all you need to do is sync your phone by connection nit using the USB cable with your computer.
  • Copy and paste the same file you downloaded into your device using My Computer.
  • This would make the file available on your phone. You can unplug or eject the USB cable and get to your phone for further operation.
  • Now as the easiest part, you just need to go to Settings, Sounds, and then Ringtone.
  • In the list, go at the bottom, and choose Pick from Phone or anything similar term. This would open a list of recently downloaded sounds and from there tap the file you just downloaded.

Voila! The file would be your new ringtone. Similarly, you can set the ringtone for Sim2 as well if you want to.

Downloading The Ringtone Using The Android Phone

Just like you visit the websites using the windows device, you need to do the same using your phone’s browser.

Here, another option is downloading a ringtone App and visit the DJ section. Listen to the ringtones there and choose Set to use the file as your new ringtone.

Apps like Zedge can help you find great ringtones almost every day in various categories. Explore the application and see what they have got there for you.

Ringtones For Android

Creating A Ringtone From A Song Or MP3 File

If you have got any song that you want to convert into the ringtone, it is possible using an MP3 or song cutter. Download the application on your phone using PlayStore and open the app after installation.

From there, you can upload the song you want to convert or trim and choose the option Trim. Choose the specific part of the song that you want to have as your ringtone and select the needed option to cut the file.

Repeat the same process to set this downloaded file as your ringtone!

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